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The FRIENDS OF GOOSE POND BOARD recently voted to commission and pay for 30 new tern decoys. The decoys will assist the DFW Nongame Bird Biologists and their nesting island project for Federally Endangered Interior LEAST TERNS in Goose Pond FWA Main Pool West. Photos: a recently hatched Least Tern chick on the island, July…

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Goose Pond Bioblitz

Goose Pond Bioblitz These were some documentary shots taken of Goose Pond’s second Bioblitz on 6/18/16. Thank you Dave Fox for the wonderful photos. Thanks to everyone for their hard work.

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Wabash River Conservation Area Has A New Website

The new official DNR web site for the WABASH RIVER CONSERVATION AREA Check it out. Very extensive. Has Maps. A Video. All the usual categories of a DFW property web site. We will have to see what managing part of it from the distance of Goose Pond FWA really means in practice. This is…

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 SPECIAL TRIP FOR YOUNG BIRDERS AT THE FRIENDS OF GOOSE POND MARSH MADNESS SANDHILL CRANE FESTIVAL, SATURDAY MARCH 5 2016. TRIP LED INDIANA YOUNG BIRDERS CLUB OF INDIANA AUDUBON SOCIETY For details go to the IYBC web site:…/m…/EventDetails/Default.aspx The trip starts at 8:30 AM. Young birders must be accompanied by a parent or guardian,…

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MBTA 100 Years Conserving Todays Birds For Tomorrow

Download PDF of MBTA Handout The treaty rallies and connects multiple agencies such as the Indiana Fish and Wildlife Service, other states and international partners to share in conservation, protection, and management of migratory bird populations and their habitats.

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Goose Pond MBTA Centennial Crane Field Trip

Goose Pond MBTA Centennial Crane Field Trip Start Date/Time: February 27, 2016 9:00 AM Eastern TimeEnd Date/Time: February 27, 2016 by 2:00 PM Eastern TimeRecurring Event: One time eventDescription: Goose Pond MBTA Centennial Crane Trip Sponsorship: Indiana Audubon Society & Friends of Goose Pond Leaders: Lee Sterrenburg and Kathy McClain, Friends of Goose Pond Details:…

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Buy Indiana Hunting and Fishing License

Purchasing Indiana state hunting and fishing licenses, with apportioned matching funds generated through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act (popularly known as the Pittman-Robertson Act) signed into law in 1937 and the Dingell-Johnson Act of the 1950″s, pays for the majority of the cost for running and managing Indiana Fish and Wildlife Areas. Funds…

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