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Archive for October 2016

Critter Corner No. 16 – The Prairie Kingsnake by George Sly

 Photo Courtesy of Missouri Dept. of Conservation      My earliest recollection of meeting a snake, one which I can identify to species, happened when I was just a youngster. Engaged in a lively outdoor game of hide and seek, I leaped over a roadside culvert and took shelter in the ditch below. As I lie…

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Critter Corner No. 15 – The Eastern Mole by George Sly

Most of the mammals which make Goose Pond FWA their home are secretive and seldom seen. The subject of this edition of Critter Corner is no exception. In fact, the Eastern Mole is made even more elusive by the nature of its fossorial (burrowing) behavior. Certainly we see the mounded earth and raised tunnels of…

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