2020 Marsh Madness

Sandhill Crane Festival

February 28th & 29th

Friends of Goose Pond (FoGP) was established to support the goals of wildlife conservation and habitat restoration at Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area through environmental education, scientific research and recreational activities and programs.

We encourage you to browse our site, learn of our activities, and plan a visit to the area. We are pleased at the success the wetland restoration has achieved in such a short time and are encouraged at the abundance of bird and wildlife species that are using the area. Our activities include Marsh Madness scheduled for early spring in conjunction with the annual Sandhill Crane migration, Community Birding Days, Wild- flower Walks, Dove Hunts, School Field Trips, Clean-up Days, a photo contest, hat sales and the annual Goose Pond Calendar.

About Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area

Goose Pond Fish & Wildlife Area in Greene County provides quality hunting, wildlife viewing and trapping opportunities on 9,018 acres of prairie and marsh habitat. About 12,000 wildlife watchers visit each year, and the property records about 3,500 annual hunting efforts (one hunter visit for one day).

The property features a new office and visitor’s center with a panoramic observation deck, large windows to view wildlife, and restrooms. The 6,840 square-foot building, which opened in 2016, uses sustainable and energy efficient materials. A geothermal system provides heating and cooling.

Visitors are required to sign-in at the office or at any self-service centers on the property.


23. The Prairie Vole (Microtus ochrogaster)

March 10, 2020

If I were to ask you to guess what the most abundant mammal inhabiting GPFWA is, you might first think of white-tailed deer. They seem to be abundant almost everywhere…

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2020 Calendar Photo Contest

August 29, 2019

Friends of Goose Pond 2020 Calendar Photo Contest Highlighting Goose Pond FWA A challenge to creativity and photo skill for photographers of all ages. An opportunity for recognition in a…

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Critter Corner No. 22 – The Giant Water Bug

April 23, 2018

  With several thousand acres of shallow water, it should come as no surprise that Goose Pond FWA is home to an abundant, varied, and highly interesting assemblage of aquatic…

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