12278790_1102942119725559_1582567401456315710_n[1]  12243346_1102941849725586_8908663663411272551_n[2]The Field E habitat improvement project, with hydrology study and design specifications done by Ducks Unlimited. Installation to be done by DFW South Region Public Access. The work is projected to begin in late November or this coming winter weather permitting.

Funding for DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife by individuals purchasing state hunting and fishing licenses and matching appopriated funds from the Federal Wildlife Restoration Act. Major Field E birds have included numerous shorebirds and Indiana’s first State Record SPOTTED REDSHANK (same bird came twice!) and White-faced Ibis in 2013. Field E has also hosted waterfowl in late fall, winter, and early spring. The convenient roadside site at the intersection of CR 400 S & State Highway 59 is located on the way to the new and in-progress Goose Pond FWA Regional DFW Office and Visitor Center on CR 400 S. The chance Field E shorebird conditions of March 2013 can now be intentionally managed for via proper formal infrastructure for manipulating water levels. Thanks to DFW, Ducks Unlimited, and all involved in this upgrade. This is significant “Wildlife Restoration” in action.

Photos of the Field E water control hardware, Field E on March 27-29, 2013, before and during the first Spotted Redshank drama. Kirk Roth found did the ID on the Spotted Redshank.

The Field E upgrade provides another compelling demonstration for why GPFWA visitors who go birding or do wildlife photography should purchase a combined Indiana hunting and fishing license for $25 (people go fishing and hunting already do their share by purchasing licenses). You may get another Spotted Redshank–or something as spectacular–out of the deal. To support DFW wildlife conservation management efforts and to purchase a license go to:

–Lee Sterrenburg DNR bird monitoring volunteer Goose Pond FWA

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