WildFlower Walk – 2 Hour Field Trip Focusing On Prairie Wildflowers

Please join Friends members Ron and De Ronk for a two hour field trip focusing upon prairie wildflowers. We will meet at the GPFWA Visitor Center at 9:00AM on Saturday, July 1st. After signing in, we will hear from the Ronk’s about the prairie plantings near the VC. We will also have a chance to meet members of the Miner Monarchs. These Linton students are devoted to habitat improvements which will provide for the needs of the Monarch Butterfly which has recently undergone drastic reduction in their population. Attendees will then move to Bee Hunter Unit 1 to observe the plantings done there by the students. This is a great chance to get outside, learn to identify prairie wildflowers, enjoy some great photo opportunities, and offer encouragement to this dedicated group of young people.

If you would like to join us, please let us know at mail@friendsofgoosepond.org. Enter “wildflower walk” in the subject line please. Hope to see you July 1st.